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Weaving the mystical with the therapeutic, this lushly illustrated gathering of spiritual sound wisdom from throughout the ages, explores the use of sound as a vibrational tool for self healing, sacred creation, and higher consciousness. An alchemy of sound that blends ancient wisdom teachings with hands-on exercises for inner attunement with toning, mantras, chants, the use of crystal singing bowls and more, to expand and open new pathways within.  

​Travelling the Sacred Sound Current is a sound journey emcompassing multiple levels. It is a gathering of key teachings from Masters of Sound throughout the ages. It provides practical information and techniques for your personal application, as well as guidance on the esoteric uses of sound as a tool for healing and sacred creation.

When one begins to work with the Sacred Science of Sound, a powerful force is invoked. As we elevate our vibration through sound, the spiritual fire in our body rises. This fiery stimulation loosens and dislodges energies of a denser nature, causing them to surface for release.  When practicing the sound exercises in this book, allow yourself time to integrate the new frequencies and gently release the old.  Follow your inner guidance.  Never continue past your own comfort level or that of others if working in a group.  As you embark on this voyage,  prepare for change ~ for sound is a dynamic catalyst that can facilitate deep and lasting transformation and provide entrance into the realms of Soul.

The nature of sound is nonlinear; a vibratory wave that penetrates deep into the transcendental field of the listener, far deeper than written words are able, and thus the musical accompaniment "Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Divine Chants & Sacred Tones for Healing & Meditation" was created. This CD is a collection of sacred intentional sound, inviting the listener to experience the sound current of divine mantras, chants, crystal bowls, drums, didjeridoo, chimes, gongs, nature tones, and meditation.

"As our inner ear awakens to hear beyond the mundane of the ordinary world, we begin to hear on the level of our Soul. It is with this Soul hearing that I invite you now to journey..........."

​                                       ~ REVIEWS ~

"This is the everything you EVER wanted to know about sound book"
~ NAPRA REVIEW, Feb. 2002

Editor's Pick "Best of 2001" New Age Category ~ Amazon.com

 "Following her remarkably beautiful and top-selling CRYSTAL VOICES CD'S, heralded by critics, customers and even Dr. Wayne Dyer, sound healer and teacher Deborah Van Dyke presents Travelling the Sacred Sound Current, audio companion to her finely wrought book of the same name. Van Dyke's musical offering used in conjunction with the book or as a standalone tool, moves beyond relaxation and entertainment value into the realm of spiritual and therapeutic practice and purpose. Based on sound scientific principle, Van Dyke uses frequencies and tones to promote maximal benefit to body, mind and spirit. These nine pieces create a thread-work of a profoundly interactive listening experience. Travelling the Sacred Sound Current resonates with deep beauty, peace and truth." 

"This book imbibes more than knowledge, by creating an experential, transpersonal journey through the mystical visions of cosmic consciousness, and provides portals to conect with the Divine. When chapters are read concurrent with meditating to the companion soundtrack, the reader is able to experience the effects of sound on her mental status and physical well-being. Stress can melt away, and pain be diminished, as a shift in consciousness takes place. I highly recommend this book and companion CD to health care professionals, their patients and anyone who wishes to pursue a healthy lifestyle."  Dr. Stephen M. Sagar, MD, Oncologist & Associate Professor of Medicine, McMaster University; Founding Director of Complementary Medicine - Ontario Medical Association, Author of Restored Harmony

"In her book Travelling the Sacred Sound Current, Deborah Van Dyke has accomplished an important work with her decipherment and explication of harmonic knowledge from a wide spectrum of world cultures. The sacred use of voice and breath, overtones and harmonics......are all interwoven intelligibly and discussed by Deborah as the multi-coloured rays of a basic under- standing that emanate from a single source. Deborah's heart and soul-felt connection to the use of sound in healing is also explored in great depth with chapters on her experiential application of crystal singing bowls and Peruvian whistling vessels as instruments for healing with sound. Augmenting and illuminating her own explanation and insight are quotes from the author's comprehensive gleaning of core sources such as the Sufi Hazrat Inyat Khan and the prophet Isaiah who have written or discussed the role of sound in healing and realization. Finally, Deborah presents a variety of specific practices, so that the reader has an opportunity to experience for him/herself a particular practice or "ray" of understanding. Whether embarking for the first time or a studied student of the esoteric, Travelling the Sacred Sound Current will touch and nourish the soul's longing for knowledge and connection to the whole. As such, Deborah's book is a deep transmission of great beauty."                  
Daniel K. Statnekov,  Author of "Animated Earth"

"Entering into the living experience of Travelling the Sacred Sound Current involves all levels of our physical, mental and emotional bodies and requires reading with heart and mind, as spirit opens doors to new dimensions. It is an invitation to experience a 'sound vision quest'. You are on your own as you apply each lesson as a step to travelling the sound current to the inner world of your own magic voice chamber. Bringing the passages into your living experience, you consciously reclaim your voice, your tone, and come into attunement with life's eternal Om. Deborah's use of special quotes from many great Masters opened my heart to their spiritual knowledge and practical understanding as keys for my conscious evolution. The gifts of her voice, book and CD let you touch into her passion as she shares chants, mantras, crystal bowls and ancient vessels for your awakening." 
Dorothy Williams, Reiki Master Teacher

"Occasionally a book comes along that seems to speak to the Soul. It does not "teach", it reminds us of ancient knowledge that we have never lost, only forgotten. Deborah's research on the use of sound for healing and transformation is extensive and far-reaching, showing us what the Ancients knew - that matter is indeed "frozen music". Whether you are currently involved with therapeutic sound or not, this book will make you want to try the techniques described which, despite their immense power, are totally accessible. As physically beautiful as it is practically valuable, TRAVELLING THE SACRED SOUND CURRENT will undoubtedly take its place as one of the most important books on reclaiming our Divine Heritage in the coming years. Used in tandem with the accompanying CD, this book can literally change your life."
Maggie Pym, Editor

"This is a book that has truly been blessed by the Mother! It is rich with Her beauty with the images contained therein and through Deborah's words and those of the Masters who have walked in the before. Not only has Deborah presented a well rounded view of the journey of the Soul with the Sacred Sound Current, but she has created a vessel in which to reflect the manifestation of that sound with such exquisite colour! Combined with the journey of the actual sounds of the CD, the sensory travelling is complete. This book truly invites one into the Current and allows the perspective from many angle of what it is to work consciously with sacred sound. Thus, it is a superb tool for not only inspiring people, but giving them ground level introduction into why they might venture into this powerful path of exploration." 
Janice Hualani Mark, Sound Healer, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker

"This is the equivalent of a full course in vibrational healing..." 
Aquarius Metaphysical Newspaper

"Sometimes in life when I'm faced with the experience of otherworldly beauty I am simply awestruck, - to the point of being left speechless. This is one of those moments.

Deborah Van Dyke has created one of the most glorious New Age recordings I can remember. Crafted through the use of some very natural textures, its poetic rhythms are sensual and astonishingly pure. There is a complexity to the CD that is as unique as each human life. In just the first few breaths of listening I could feel the sweetest altering of my physical body taking place. A shift in posture, an expansion of my senses, and a fluttering of excitement in my heart's heart. The naturalness, the eloquent harmony and echo, all come together to offer such a tremendous gift to creation. For centering, grounding, gifting, doing healing work with others, Travelling the Sacred Sound Current intuitively knows the listener's need and exceeds that requirement with a universal gift of transformation".
PLANETLIGHTWORKER Magazine, Editor's review

"DEEP SPIRITUAL JOURNEY....This powerful CD is the ULTIMATE meditation experience; healing soundscapes on par with Dean Evenson, Steve Halpern." 
ALL MUSIC GUIDE, Jim Brenholts

"Deborah has woven together a marvelous group of sounds, images and words that emanate Love Light to the world." 
Rowena Pattee Kryder, Author, Founder of Creative Harmonics Institute

"Meditating to this soundtrack stress melts away, pain diminishes as a "Shift-in-Consciousness" occurs. I highly recommend this CD!" 
Dr. Stephen M. Sagar, MD, Oncologist, Professor of Medicine, Founding Director of Complementary Medicine, Ontario Medical Association

"This is highly centering music that helps the listener reduce stress and enter a higher state of consciousness." 

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                   TABLE OF CONTENTS


  - Vibrational Keys - The Creative, Organizing Force of Sound

  Chapter Two - LISTENING

  - Sound's Essential Nature


  - The Power of the Voice - Sound The Creator God - Toning - 
  The Sacred Power of Vowels - Breath the  Essence of Sound 
  - Healing Mantras - Hu - Aum & Om - Fundamental Vibrations 
  of the Cosmos - Divine Chants


  - Overtones of Creation - Healing with Harmonics 
  - Harmonic Union

  Chapter Five - CRYSTAL SOUND

  - Initiation - Crystal Sound Specifics - Inner Body Sound    Massage - Working with Different Musical Systems  
 - Crystal Bowl Meditation - Harmonic Intervals - Chakra Tuned  Sets - Energy Attunements - Cleansing Crystal  Bowls 
 - Circle of Fifths - Ceremonies of Sound & Light 
 - Wheel of the Seven Rays Ceremony


  - Ancient Sounds Resurrected - Sacred Breath 
  - Living Sound  Chambers - Invocation to the Sacred Vessels

  Chapter Seven - THE SOUND CURRENT

  - The Audible Lifestream - The Healing Current 
  - Hearing the Sound Current

  Chapter Eight - THE WAY OF CONSCIOUS            
​                                      EVOLUTION

  - Sound Codings of the Dimensions - Higher  Consciousness      Sound - Future Visions

        ISBN# 0- 9687667- 0- 6 168 pages, 40 full colour  

 Dear Listener,

 Travelling the Sacred Sound Current is a gathering of  some of the most divine chants and healing mantras 
 from throughout the ages.

 The vibratory nature of sound permeates our physical,  emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Sacred Sound  creates a field of frequency facilitating body-mind  healing and access to higher levels of consciousness.  The merging of a mantra's sound vibration with its  meaning, creates a vibrant power and blessing which is  bestowed to both the chanter and the greater whole.

 I hope you journey deeply with this sacred intentional  sound and that it may provide a key to the profound  beauty of the Sound Current within you. As you  become a vessel through which Sacred Sound flows,  may the sounding of your pure heart bring healing,  awakening and joy to our world.

                            ~ TRACKS ~

 1.  AWAKENING ~ Instrumental with crystal bowls

 Om Bhoor Bhuvah Svaha
 Tat Savitur Varenyam
 Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
 Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

 The Great Mother of all  mantras, the Gayatri is a  universal prayer of infinite  potency from the Vedas, the  most ancient of scriptures.  This ancient Sanskrit sound  formula invokes the Divine  Sun of Life to enlighten and  purify us.  Its vibration  activates all of our energy  centers.  This mantra was  recorded at the precise time  of the Summer Solstice,  when the solar power of the  sun is at its peak.  'Gaya'  means life force and 'tri'  stands for protector.  Repeating  the Gayatri  invokes  the Divine Mother force of the  Universe which  animates all life.  The opening vocal  harmonies are an  invocation to the Great Seraphim -  the High Order of  Celestial Angels who are the Carriers  of the Holy Fire  and assist travel to the Higher Realms.

 3.  KADOSH ~  Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai  Tsvaot

 'Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts: the whole  earth is full of his glory' Isiah 6:1-3

 Referred to in the scriptures of Revelation, this holiest  of mantras is the song which resounds through the  higher heavens. This chant of exaltation is sung by the  celestial choirs at the feet of the Throne of God. It    embodies the highest of frequencies which extend the  grace and holy protection to the chanter. A song of  divine attunement, it is said to tie the rhythms of our  body together with the spiritual rhythms of our God Self  and activates within us a sympathetic resonance with  the Brother/Sisterhood of Light. The vibration of this  mantra is so potent that negative forces cannot abide in  its presence; setting up a resonance with Divine Love  energies that cannot be accessed by lesser forces. It is  the ultimate command for protection and establishes  sacred space.

 4. OM NAMA SHIVAYA ~ Sanskrit for 'I honour Shiva,  the God Force which purifies my body and awakens me  to my inner self'.  This mantra aligns us with our Divine  Presence within.

 5.  YOD HE VAV HE ~ YHVH is the sacred  tetragrammaton, the four sacred Hebrew letters which  stand for the holy name of God.  'Yod' represents the  creative, masculine principle; the fire of the Will of  Spirit, or Father.  'He' represents the Divine Feminine  principle; the Skekinah Glory, the Cosmic Mother.  'Vav'  is the Divine Son, the regenerating power of the Love  Light.  The second 'He' is the Divine Daughter, the  Heart and Breath of Life.

 6.  OM MANI PADME HUM ~  'Hail to the Jewel in the    Lotus'

 This is the beautiful, timeless chant of the  Avalokiteshvara, the Buddhist Bodhistava who  oversees all living beings with great compassion. It  embodies a tremendous vibratory field of love. The  vision I held during the recording of this chant was that  of the Mother of the World, sitting high on a Himalayan  mountainside, transmitting love radiations from her  heart to all humanity....

 7.  JOURNEY ~ A doorway into a shamanic, rhythmic  instrumental with drums, vocals

 8.  SOUND CURRENT ~  A Meditational Journey on  the Sound Current

 As the soul navigates its journey through the Higher  Reams, it follows a series of elemental sounds; many of  which are mirrored here on earth in the purity of nature.  Riding on the sound currents of a crystal temple bowl  and didgeridoo, we embark on a sound journey.  Greeted by cricket guardians, we encounter bird song,  gongs, crystal wind chimes, the fire of transformation,  and the purifying mountain stream which flows to the  Great Ocean - where the whistles of ancient Peruvian  Vessels send out a call to all souls to remember their  true origin.


 This crystal bowl meditation begins with an invocation  to the Seven Great Elohim ~ the Great Ones who  oversee the pouring forth of the Seven Rays of  Creation.  It was recorded on the Wesak full moon, the  time of greatest contact of the year when Humanity, the  Hierarchy, and Shamballa energies are linked and  potent healing energies are released.  This ceremony  was performed in a circle of seven crystal bowls.  It is  offered as a means for attunement with the Seven Great  Rays, the creative forces of the universe.  Each Ray  embodies qualities of the Divine Nature; alignment with  these energies can assist in purifying one's energy field  and the expansion of consciousness.

                                                   CHORDS OF THE COSMOS
                                     Harmonies of the Zodiac with Crystal Bowls

Our universe is a matrix of vibration, resonance, and harmony. The stars and planets are celestial instruments, each contributing their specific frequency to the Divine Orchestra. The tones of the constellations blend in combination. creating chords of harmony or 'vibrational assemblages' that make up the Music of the Spheres.
As Pythagoras taught, musical harmony is an expression of Cosmic Harmony. Just as the celestial bodies of space are structured on harmonic principles, so is our body. When we tune our body to resonate in harmony with this greater blueprint, we align ourselves with powerful Archetones for our healing and transformation.

Astrology corresponds to the mathematics of music. The twelve constellations (hierarchies) of the zodiac have a correspondence with the Pythagorean twelve note chromatic musical scale. This model linking the constellations to musical intervals is known as a Tone Zodiac. Some of Pythagoras's most significant work was determining that the distances between the planets were related to toned intervals, thus advancing the understanding that the entire arrangement of the cosmos is founded upon geometrical vibrations of sound. One of the greatest astrologists of our time, Dane Rudhyar described, "The Pythagoreon scale is an unconditioned, archetypal manifestation of cosmic principles."

Harmony is the key to transformation. It affects us on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Harmony enables us to transmute conditions of the physical body and alter our state of consciousness. With the right combinations of tones and harmonies, we can bring our body into resonance, correct imbalances, and access higher states of consciousness.

The use of crystal bowl tones to echo the harmonic chords of universal order offers tremendous therapeutic value. Our whole body is a sounding board that can be fine-tuned by these Divine frequencies. When we entrain our personal energy field, our aura, to the cosmic model of harmony, we are aided in sloughing off discordant potterns. The CHORDS OF THE COSMOS cd, provides the opportunity to meditatively experience these progressively ascending harmonic chords and facilitates the attunement of one's personal instrument. In this sound journey around the astrological wheel, our auric field is bathed in the harmony of each constellation, bringing our mind and all our subtle bodies into alignment. When our vessel is tuned, we can soar in union with the creative, luminous Chords of the Cosmos.

The chords for each astrological sign are triad chords. As Pythagoras taught, the triad, or trinity, embodies the model for all creation and manifestation.

The three-note chord for each zodiacal sign is composed of:

- The Key note, Tonic. or Root note associated with the astrological sign. This relates to the Physical/Etheric level.
- The second note that is a Third interval to the Root note. This relates to the Emotional/Astral level.
- The third note that creates a Perfect Fifth interval. This relates to the Causal/Soul level.

Rudolf Steiner described the Third interval as a "return of the human being into the structure of his own organization". It corresponds with the sentient being. The Fifth elevates one's consciousness to travel beyond the physical realm into the vastness of pure soul awareness. The conscious soul. The Perfect Fifth relates to the Trine in astrology, l2O degrees, considered the most harmonious of aspects. In ancient times, Fifths were considered 'temple music' and were used in Gregorian chont. The Fifth provides a great tonic for our energy field.

There are many ways to work with these chords. To begin, you may wish to focus on working meditatively with your key chords - those of your sun, rising, and moon signs. Then all twelve planetary chords can be played to attune yourself to the whole spectrum of energies of the great solar wheel. Over a period of time, and according to your intention, these triad frequencies can be worked with to break up old crystallizations in your energy field. As well, every month specific astrological energies overshadow us and it is beneficial to work with the zodiac chords of the specific month, especially at the time of the full moon when we are showered with their illumination.

Torkom Saraydarian, in Aura, Shield of Protection & Glory, summarizes: "The Solar Lord is playing His music on twelve planetary notes. The goal of each person is to make that solar music echo in his own aura and find creative expression through it, until 'as above, so below' is realized.... Eventually the aura becomes a wheel of twelve spokes, which revolve at such incredible speed that it appears as if the wheel is standing still, and all twelve rays are clearly seen."


Aries - Red - "C E G" - Head/Mind
Taurus - Red/Orange - "C# F G#" - Neck/Throat
Gemini - Orange - "D F# A" - Nervous System
Cancer - Orange/Yellow - "D# G A#" - Chest/Stomach
Leo - Yellow - "E G# B" - Heart/Lungs
Virgo - Yellow/Green - "F A C" - Stomach/Intestines
Libra - Green - "F# C# A#" - Spine/Bone Marrow
Scorpio - Green/Blue - "G B D" - Kidneys/Genitals
Sagittarius - Blue - "G# C D" - Thighs
Capricorn - Blue/Violet - "A C# E" - Knees
Aquarius - Violet - "A# D F" - Legs
Pisces - Violet/Red - "B D# F" - Feet

(The first note of each chord represents the primary note associated with each zodiac sign)

                            CD ~