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The Shadows of Evening grow deep while love comes in to
soothe every mind and body.
Look out toward the last glow of sunlight
and look into an endless sky. 
Drink the nectar from the petals of your heart and let wave 
upon wave sweep through your body.
What glory in that ocean!  Listen!
The sound of conches!  The sound of Bells!
Kabir says, "O Brother, listen!
The God of all plays His song within you! ~ Kabir
"The Universe was manifested out of the Divine Sound;                  From it came into being the Light"  

                           ~ Shamas-i-Tabriz

                        DIVINE CHANT

This photograph shows a window in the Abbey of Sant Antimo, Tuscany, Italy, a former Benedictine monastery which we visited one cold winter afternoon. We sat alone, surrounded by the quiet power of the basilica when unceremoniously, the monks entered, one by one through a small doorway - filling the stillness with ethereal Gregorian song; they enlivened the space with their sacred chant. 

When words with specific meaning and intention are rhythmically sounded, they are known as a 'chant'. Words hold vibrational resonance and sound acts as the wings upon which the consciousness of the words take flight. "Chanting is how we enter into the eternal now. The energetic vibrations of our voices bond us to the spiritual light.... As we chant the Universe speaks to us in metaphoric images. Chanting calls the past and the future into the eternal now. When chanting or singing, the physical body experiences the essence of each word through the electricity, or light, created by Sound. Chanting contributes toward healing because it brings into alignment the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When chanting the repeated sounds of he consonants direct the power of the vowels in such a way as to create an energy design... The vibratory essence of sound affects the inner walls of the nerves and blood vessels." (Being in Vibration, Joseph Rael)

The Logos or Creative Word, can be understood as an energetic means for structuring reality. Language gives birth to the forms of our ideas. This 'Living Language of Light' is the fiery, divine language which organizes harmonic patterns that quicken and align our minds with the universal. The root languages of Sanskrit, Egyptian, Tibetan, Chinese and Hebrew are closer to the original vibrational resonance than English. These key languages are composed of sacred energy sounds. "When you use the divine names from all these five languages, like Amen Ptah - Egyptian, Phowa - Tibetan, Kuan Yin - Chinese, Gabriel - Hebbrew, and Buddha - Sanskirt, as mantra seed syllables, you set up a consciousness wavelength of light that resonates with all five bodies within you. Language here, is a language of energy vibration formed by seed mantras." (The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, by J. J. Hurtak)

Sanskrit, in particular, is considered by many Sanskrit scholars to be a 'perfected language' of cosmic sound vibration that was constructed by the Devas to transmit divine information. It has been described as the 'vibratory sound vibration of God' which communicates directly to the right brain. 

The collection of sacred healing mantras and chants in Travelling the Sacred Sound Current are among my most loved. Sung over the centuries, they have been imbued with a charged energy , a potent vibratory field that has accumulated with time and can be accessed via the mantra. They can be sung solo or in group ceremony. When chanting it is helpful to hold your intent, with your Third Eye and Heart, on the specific energies you are invoking so that the energies can manifest through you. Rather than 'making' the sound, the key is to allow oneself to become the vessel through which the sacred vibrations can flow.

~ Excerpt from Travelling the Sacred Sound Current

Beautiful harmonic overtones are generated when quartz crystal singing bowls are played. The sound produced by crystal bowls is rich in harmonics, making them valuable vibrational healing tools. Traditional Cherokee teachings describe quartz crystal as the greatest of healers; Dhyani Ywahoo defines: 'the primary tone, the foundation stone of all worlds, is sung by the quartz crystal'.

Quartz crystal is a mixture of the elements silicon and oxygen that take on hexagonal forms. Quartz contains the property of piezoelectricity, which means it has the ability to produce a programmable electrical impulse. It can receive, store, amplify and transmit information, which is why it is a key component in watches, radio, television and computer chips. 'Quartz is the stepped down crystallization of the White Light spectrum….Quartz has few peers in its renowned capacity to receptively imprint vibrational energy patterns and to maintain such informational coding steady within its latticework with virtual permanence' (The Crystal Connection, Randall & Vikki Baer).

Quartz crystal also responds to the electrical impulses produced by our body and our thoughts, and naturally resonates with the crystalline substance that exists in our DNA, bones, blood and body fluids. We are composed of crystal! We, therefore, have a natural built-in attunement with bowls made of crystal; our bodies are natural crystal 
resonance chambers. Crystal bowls are composed of pure, crushed, powdered quartz crystal that is spun at high speed, ignited with an electric arc torch and fused together to form a bowl. Their crystalline quartz nature embodies pure light vibration that resonates with our etheric light bodies, making them a perfect tool for programming and transmitting specific healing intentions.

Crystal sound is a tremendous purifier. It bathes the body in luminous light! It is a powerful medicine with a penetrating ability to touch us in our deepest places. As their sound waves permeate our various bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) energies are stirred and old crystallizations may be dislodged and freed. A person receives whatever they need from the sound. On a purely physical level, the relaxing alpha tones produced by the bowls can lower heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. On an emotional level, they reduce stress and have a definite calming effect. On the mental level, they help still the cluttered mind and bring clarity. On a spiritual level, they can open gateways to expanded consciousness and can facilitate shamanic travel into other dimensions.

~ Excerpt from: Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Keys for Conscious Evolution

Liquid Crystalline Substance

Sound vibration is a key organizing force of creation. The hidden nature of sound vibration is fiery and magnetic; a fundamental building block which lies at the root of all manifested form. 

The process of form building can be understood as 'intention crystallized into matter' by means of the energetic structuring of sound. Understanding sound as causal in the creation process, we begin to grasp the tremendous power it wields. 

Through the conscious use of our voice we can align our body instrument with the resonant field of our Soul. When we focus our self-generated sound, expressed through mantra, chant, or a singular pure tone, these sounds can become carriers for the magical consciousness of the soul and the means for effecting transformation within the deepest levels of manifestation.

Working in alignment with the Will and Love aspects of Logos, we can give expression through our voice to the Divine Tone of One - unveiling our potential as a sacred instrument capable of harmonizing, purifying, and healing not only our self, but others and the greater whole. Our sacred soundings, animated by our breath, infuse our creative intentions with the life force of our soul. 

We are born with all the essential tools inherent within. While there are many psycho-acoustical instruments that can be utilized to complement our sound work, first and foremost, our most precious and effective instrument remains that of our own voice. 

By centering one's attention in the ajna center (third eye), holding a sacred intention and producing a vocal tone - one can clear discordant energies from their auric field; develop inner channel ways to access higher dimensions of consciousness; and anchor these new frequencies at the cellular level of our body instrument. 

As we restore harmony to our inner field, this sphere of peace also extends outward, impacting the world around us. The frequency of our individual note joins with other notes and a global harmony begins to resonate. This re-attunement and rejuvenation of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, affects the tone of the whole planet. The vibrations of others begin to respond in sympathetic resonance to our note as, note by note, we sound the earth back to its original state of harmony. 

A Sound Exercise: THE TONE OF ONE

Each one of us emits a unique vibratory tone comprised of a multiplicity of frequencies that reflects our thought life, our emotions, our etheric body. 

The practice of working meditatively and toning a single tone is an extremely powerful way of unifying the energies of our various bodies and helps reconnect us with the root of our true nature, which is ONE. 

Our singular focus on one pure tone, helps to command all the varied aspects of self into alignment. It aids in our ability to center our self, quiet the external chatter of our mind, and enter into holy communion with our soul. Here we connect with the essential part of self that is connected to the whole of creation. 

If there is any one sound that could be said to most closely express the great, creative, cosmic Tone of One, it would be that of the Om or Aum. As described in Leaves of Morya’s Garden, “God or Aum is the Highest Being of your inner self”. 

The toning of Om sets up a resonance between us and the vibratory hum of the universe. Begin with a deep inhale and as you start to exhale, open your mouth and allow the elongated sound of “OOOOOOO” to emerge, followed by the closing of your lips to produce the lingering “MMMMMMM” sound, followed by a cycle of one deep in and out breath. With each successive “Om” you will find yourself relaxing and sinking deeper into a state of oneness with creation. The level upon which Om may be experienced will be dependant upon a person’s ability to focus meditatively while toning. 

Simply pronouncing it correctly is not enough, you must allow yourself to sink deeper into the sound, allowing the vastness of Om and All That Is to enfold you. The Om then becomes as a sacred arrow, harnessing your attention while all other thoughts fade away. In this inner space, you are one with your Highest Being. 

As the ONE TONE manifests into the form world, it subdivides into several tones, like rays in the rainbow. These tones find expression in the pure vibrational energies of vowel tones; magnetic carriers of the cosmic energies. The sounding of elongated vowel sounds can activate a deep soul resonance in our body, revitalize energy in our chakras and regenerate the physical body. 

Our entire body is a sounding board; a dynamic energy system in a state of constant flux that resonates to different sounds and pitches according to its current state. Sometimes we may be drawn to making very deep, guttural tones, other times it may be high pitched, angelic tones. Your body knows what sound it wants to make if you just allow yourself the freedom to follow your intuition. 

Simply follow your own guidance using the following vowel sounds and know that your body vehicle will naturally absorb what is needed, wherever it needs it. Repeat each tone for as long as you desire and in whatever note feels natural and comfortable to you before moving to the next one. The longer you allow yourself to work with one tone, the deeper your attunement. 

These seven vowel sounds can be further understood as seven vibratory notes of the Seven Rays, whose sounding enlivens the seven chakras: UH (as in “the”) OU (as in “blue”) OH (as in “toe”) AH (as in “father”) II (as in “eye”) EH (as in “say”) EE (as in “bee”) Always precede your toning with a series of slow, deep, rhythmic breaths. 

Toning originates from our living breath, our breath is the very essence, the life force behind our sound. The pause or still point between our incoming breath and our outgoing breath is the space from which our sound originates. When your toning feels complete, close your session with some long, slow breaths, allowing a period of silence during which the energies of the sounds can assimilate and coalesce within. OM. 

~ Deborah Van Dyke, Travelling the Sacred Sound Current

~ Image: Buddha the Winner, Nicholas Roerich, 1924