You have found your way to a space of peace and sanctuary!

Please relax and stay awhile. You can listen to some chants, read about sacred sound, and discover more about my book and music.

May you be blessed by the outpouring of harmonies that flow through the Sound Current, as you sound your Soul's note, in all Its glory, in your life. When enough of us are singing from our hearts with the voice of our Soul, a new song will unfold in a world thirsting for harmony. 

In the Silence between the Sound, may we all find our return to the original peace of our Soul...

                    Deborah Van Dyke
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Deborah's book, 
Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Keys for Conscious Evolution, 
and her cd recordings of sacred chants 
and crystal bowls, 
are a pure and luminous voice 
from her heart.  

These sacred sounds were created 
 deep attunement, 
 and healing.


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            ~ The Tao Is Like Water ~

 The Supreme Good is like water,
 which nourishes all things without,
 It flows to low places,
 Therefore, it is like the Tao.

 Live in accordance with the nature of things,
 In dwelling, be close to the land,
 In meditation, go deep in the heart,
 In dealing with others, be gentle and kind,
 Stand by your word.

 One who lives in accordance with nature  does not go against the way of things.
 She moves in harmony with the present  moment,
 Always knowing the truth of just what to do.